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GRECH Submersible UV Sterilizer w/ Built-In Pump

Submersible 9W UV Sterilizer Compact and easy-to-install UV sterilizer for fresh or saltwater aquariums. Preassembled aquarium UV sterilizer requires no additional pump or plumbing UV-C lamp helps neutralize harmful micro-organisms and free-floating algae. Built in UV lamp ballast and single power cord mean streamline and clutter-free installation and operation. The newly designed pre-filter and quartz sleeve simplify routine maintenance necessary for optimal UV performance. The amazing, submersible UV sterilizer allows simple and effective UV control. Compact and versatile units are ready to install - no additional tubing or circulation pump required! Large mechanical pre-filter sponge captures debris to optimize UV exposure and built-in pump directs waterborne organisms past the UV lamp for clean, clear aquarium water. Install in vertical or horizontal position right in your aquarium or sump. For fresh or saltwater aquariums. UV Power: 9 Watt Water Pump Power: 8 Watt Max Flow: 216 GPH Dimensions: 3.9 inch x 3.5 inch x 12 inch

Sale Price: $74.99
Reg Price: $99.99

JBJ Digi-Lab TSS


Digi-Lab—TSS—Laboratory Grade Digital Temperature-Salinity-Specific Gravity Meter

Monitoring the salt level in a reef aquarium is one of the most basic & important parameters to ensure a safe and optimal environment for tank inhabitants. Many organisms are not equipped for high tolerances in shifts in temperature, salinity and specific gravity for long durations without fatal consequences.

Digi-Lab-TSS Meter is an innovative 3-in-1 tool that incorporates digital tests for temperature (F), salinity (ppt) and specific gravity (e.g., 1.024) displayed in scales commonly used by aquarists without the need for conversions.

This revolutionary meter allows hobbyists to receive precise, accurate and reliable readings with a press of a button... today... tomorrow... and for as long as you own your aquarium.

Price: $74.99
Reg. Price: $99.99

 I just got this and I think its awesome, I like that it can do all 3 in one, I had to calibrate it though, was easy. Yes, I would recommend this product to my friends.

JBJ Arctica Titanium Chillers

Arctic Titanium Aquarium Chillers are state-of-the-art aquarium coolers incorporating the most advance technological features compared to any other chiller on the market. Many years of research and development has allowed us to offer the perfect solution to stabilize water temperatures for your aquarium environment. These units have been designed for maximum temperature pull-down (BTU`s) with the least amount of energy draw. Please call for pricing and availability.

  • The JBJ Arctic Titanium Chiller is excellent. I bought the 1/10 HP model for my 65 gallon reef tank. This size chiller is perfect. It cools the water very quickly and keeps the water temperature exactly where I want it. In addition, the chiller is very quiet, and this is important since I have it in my living room. Living in the South and having a covered tank (Red Sea Max 250) with three pumps running continuously requires the use of a good chiller. I think JBJ has it just right, and I'm very pleased with my purchase. Yes, I would recommend this product to my friends.
  •  Very happy with the chiller for my 105gal system. It does a great job. Yes, I would recommend this product to my friends.

Pro Clear Aquatics Overflow Box

Overflow Box designed for Wet Dry Filters, Sumps, and Refugium systems. Advanced U-tube style compact overflow boxes are designed to fit between your tank and your wall to maximize space usage in your aquarium setup. With only 3 in. required between your tank and your wall, these boxes are excellent for optimizing space. Each box includes everything required to attach it to your system and comes with a foam prefilter. It's always a good idea to achieve greater volume in your aquarium; do it the easy way with one of these overflow boxes. Made in the USA.

Price: $44.99
Reg. Price: $64.99

E.S.V. B-Ionic 2-Part Calcium Buffer

B-Ionic Calcium Buffer is the original, unique, easy to use, two-component liquid supplement system. When using equal volumes of each component, the aquarist can easily maintain calcium and alkalinity levels with no mixing powders, disruption of ionic balance, or addition of organic chemicals. B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System does not contain phosphates or nitrates. In addition to supplying highly concentrated calcium and carbonate alkalinity required for calcification, B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System also provides all other important major, minor, and trace elements in the proper ratios to duplicate the composition of natural seawater. As a result, B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System will help restore inorganic ions lost from protein skimming and help maintain the ionic balance of the aquarium water. Starting daily dosage is 1 ml per 4 gallons of aquarium capacity.

32oz - $28.99
16oz - $18.99

  • I have tried several buffers but this is by far the best. It keeps pH, hardness and Calcium in perfect balance. A bit more expensive, but well worth it!
  • I started using this product about a month ago after it was recommended to me by a friend. It has maintained my 90 gallon reef tank's calcium level and alkalinity level perfectly. I have been keeping salt water tanks for over 20 years and reef tanks for about 12 of those and I have never used a product that keeps calcium and alkalinity levels high as consistently as this. The only draw back is that you do have to add it to your tank every day, but the results are well worth the effort.
    Yes, I would recommend this product to my friends.


Looking to start a Saltwater Aquarium? We are currently having a special on all JBJ Nano Cubes Complete with Stand and we'll throw in free CaribSea Arag-Alive Special Grade Live Reef Sand. A $35 value! If you have any questions please contact us or come by and check us out! Please call for pricing and availability.

Micron Filter Sock

Filter socks are the most convenient form of mechanical filtration. They remove excess food, detritus, organic waste, dust, and other particulates. Removing these particulates from the water column will reduce the amount of organic matter that produces ammonia and other undesirable substances in the aquarium. Filter socks also help prevent larger objects, such as sand, crabs, snails, etc. from damaging pump motors. Regular filter sock use will lower organic levels and result in CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER!

  • This product is essential to keeping my aquarium free of all small particals,waste and stops micro bubbles.But dosent restrict flow.easy to clean and can be used many ways.will use it will you if you use this.