Total Fish & Pets

About Us

Total Fish & Pets has been in business for over 10 years. We are located in Southern California on the vibrant street of Valley Boulevard across from Savoy Kitchen. We specialize in saltwater and freshwater fishes, reef and planted aquariums. We offer the highest quality fishes, corals, premium live rocks and freshwater plants at competitive prices. We also offer the most popular high quality fish foods available. Total Fish & Pets provides a complete range of aquarium care supplies for your saltwater and freshwater fishes, reef and planted aquariums. We have the top of the line Tanks, Aquarium Filters, Protein Skimmers, Aquarium Lighting, Calcium Reactors, and CO2 Equipments along with a variety of high quality frozen and dry fish and coral food. We also carry Reverse Osmosis Distilled Water (RO/DI) and purified saltwater collected off the coast of Southern California. We can also order any shape and size aquariums, for your marine fish systems, live coral reefs, and freshwater tanks. We also pride ourselves on quality service and maintenance.

Our goal is to provide aquarium enthusiasts with top of the line products by top manufacturers at great prices and make as many customers satisfied as possible.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team trained in Marine Science, Chemistry, and Biology are ready to help both the amateur and experienced hobbyist. We are happy to provide a wide range of information from setting up and maintaining an aquarium to keeping healthy aquatic life.

We receive our new shipments of Saltwater Fishes and Corals every Friday and Sunday! Stop by and check us out!
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