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UV Sterilizers

RESUN UV Sterilizers

RESUN UV sterilizers will help you bring all the benefits of UV radiation to your water filtration scheme.

  • Patented design effectively prevents glass tube from being damaged by any possible incoming dirt with the water flow
  • Innovative spiral design allows the water staying longer time inside the unit to kill the bacteria more thoroughly
  • Safe and reliable with safety approved external ballast and critical components
  • Patented immediately-shown indicator light for confirming the sterilizer is functioning
  • Wide range from 5W to 55W. Designed and produced according to high safety standard
  • For indoor and outdoor uses.  Suitable for both aquarium and pond
  • Size: 30cm (length) x 7.5cm (diameter)
  • Connector fit pipe size 25mm and 30mm diameter
UV sterilization is excellent where free floating algae/bacteria and parasites are causing problems. Some aquarists choose to run UV full time, while others keep one on hand for emergencies.

Pentair Aquatics UV Sterilizers

Pentair Aquatics UV sterilization systems are among the most reliable one can obtain. Their quality Aquastep and classic vertical/horizontal sterilizers have a proven track record and excellent build quality.

The new design of the Aquastep sterilizers permits as long a dwell time as possible without restricting the water flow too drastically. Features include replaceable quartz sleeve, electronic ballast and lamp operation view port. UV sterilization will permit the aquarist to minimize the presence of aggressive parasites and opportunistic algae/bacteria blooms.