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Caribsea Substrates and Media

Caribsea Aquarium Substrates: Aragonite composition provides pH support in the anaerobic conditions necessary for denitrifying bacteria.

Provides calcium and carbonate in the natural proportions which are utilized by hard corals and clams.

Superior trace element composition & precision grading for maximum pore water space allows easier diffusion of calcium, carbonate, and trace elements, even in deep sand beds.

Strongest pH support and buffering capability of any substrate. Aids in maintaining ocean values of carbonate hardness.

Pure and safe: Not beach or reef collected. No metal, pesticide residues, petroleum or other harmful organics & NO SILICA.

Freshwater & Planted Tank Substrates

The substrate you use in your freshwater aquarium will depend on the animals and/or plants you want to keep. Planted aquariums require enriched substrate to support roots while fish only tanks can use anything from regular gravel to sand.

Inert quartz has the widest range of application given that it can be enriched quiet easily but doesn't affect the water quality itself.

Ensure that you thoroughly research the animals you are going to keep in your aquarium so you can avoid any substrate incompatibilities down the road.