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Water Pumps

Iwaki Water Pumps

The original in-line powerhouse, these Japanese engineered water pumps are one of the most powerful options currently available.

The heavy duty coils on the motor ensure powerful operation and impressive head pressure capability. Models are available for both circulation (closed loop, sump/return) and pressure applications (protein skimmers, canister type filters, high vertical climb).

These pumps are used the world over by public aquariums and industrial manufacturers. Take note that we carry only the higher quality Japanese built version of these great pumps.

Quiet-One Water Pumps

Lifeguard (Pentair) had the market cornered for years with the original Quiet One water pump. Now completely redesigned, the new submersible/inline models offer increased efficiency (less wattage used = long term savings) while maintaining the low noise level they came to be known for.

Quality ceramic bearings and shafts help to keep this pump operating in to the long term without the costly replacement of parts. These pumps are compatible with both fresh and saltwater applications. We have run a great number of these pumps for years in our livestock department!

Mag Drive Water Pumps

Since the introduction of magnetic drive pumps, Danner has been supplying aquarists with their inline/submersible products.

Mag drives are the economical pumping option for everything from protein skimmers to Refugiums and even system return lines. Many models exist for use with the smallest aquarium through to the largest.

Like all impeller based pumps, keep the internal surfaces clean for best operation. We stock all relevant replacement parts to ensure that you stay up and operational.

Eheim Water Pumps

Appreciated the world over for their low power consumption and outstanding longevity, the Eheim water pump is the discerning aquarist's choice.

You will find them as critical components in quality filtration equipment all over our website and the internet. Carbon bearings and ceramic shafts allow this pump to operate in virtual silence in either a submerged or external installation.

We at J&L Aquatics recommend these pumps for feeding Refugiums, skimmers etc, anywhere a long lasting durable pump is required.

Sedra Water Pumps

When a combination external & internal water pump is required, look no further than the Sedra line.

Sedra water pumps have been at the heart of quality, powerful protein skimmers for years and their track record has made it clear - they are reliable.

All units come complete with ceramic shafts, sponge pre-filters and convenient hose barbs for fast installation. Use Sedra pumps when powering return lines, skimmers, refugiums, closed loops and even for that water feature in the yard!

Sequence Water Pumps

Sequence ReeFlo pumps are quality in-line pumps to be used for circulation of the aquarium. Their design utilizes large inputs/outputs and an oversized impeller in order to move a maximum amount of water with a minimum RPM. This translates to a noise level below that of the average conversation!

These pumps are extremely durable power saving pumps utilizing the highest quality motors available.

We at J&L recommend these for larger systems & closed loops.


Hydor Koralia Powerheads

Hydor broke new ground when they released the Koralia line of high flow submersible powerheads.

Including features such as an integrated magnet holder, propeller based design, and a sphere shaped direction connection, the Koralia is superior to many pumps on the market. Also, its ultra low power consumption is a feature commonly overlooked in North America; however, it translates in to less heat the aquarist has to worry about!

SUNSUN Powerheads

This is a brand new vibration wave maker submersible 3200 GPH water pump. This will be perfect partner for your freshwater and saltwater aquariums up to 200 Gallon. It will have your aquarium cleared and revitalized. It will create ocean-like water flow for your aquarium. This is also great savings way to activate water especially for saltwater coral, reef or fish tanks. Please do take your time to find out more details about this lovely accessory for your aquarium. Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Maxi-Jet Powerheads

The Aquarium Systems Maxi-Jet powerhead has been widely used for a long time now. It sports a perfect balance of economy and performance, without sacrificing on longevity. Each powerhead kit comes with multiple ways to attach to the aquarium (suctions cups or brackets) and includes intake strainers and output deflectors.

J&L has supported this product for a long time and highly recommends them in smaller aquaria or for basic pumping needs.

Rio Powerheads

Water motion in the aquarium is absolutely vital to the organisms contained within it. They rely on it to bring them their food and carry their waste away.

The Rio powerheads have been providing an economical, low wattage solution to this problem for many years. RVT models are available for use with skimmers and applications requiring massive air injection. Ask us today how you can incorporate a Rio water pump in to your filtration system.