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Plumbing Supplies

Bulkhead Fittings, Kits & Strainers

  • Custom installations are easier and safer with all the parts included in these convenient kits.
  • Heavy wall bulkhead is molded of highest impact resistant PVC eliminating the possibility of finding hidden cracks when filling aquarium.
  • Versatile spigot screen will just press into place.
  • The exclusive Fit x Insert 90o elbow dramatically reduces wall clearance requirements.
  • Use together with spigot suction screen inside tank to adjust water level.
  • Use elbow alone as return directional jet on inside of tank.
  • All bulkhead kits contain: bulkhead fitting, gasket, lock nut, 90o Fit x Insert elbow, strainer, and installation instructions.
  • Double Threaded Bulkhead Fittings are threaded on the inside and outside.

Loc-Line & Plastic Modular Piping

Loc-Line brand adjustable plumbing fittings have been used for years in the manufacturing industry.

In the aquarium industry they are absolutely indispensable for adjusting the output of return lines. Multiple attachments and sizes are available to ensure you get exactly the type of flow you desire to the area you choose.

Multiple lengths can be joined together and all kinds of manifolds can be made. Use it to harness your closed loop water flow!

Miscellaneous Aquarium Plumbing Parts

It's no secret that controlling the water motion within and around our aquarium is absolutely essential to the health of our aquatic friends.

There are so many odds and ends that it can be a daunting task to sort out what one actually needs. The parts in this section generally compliment other plumbing supplies and are the essentials needed to properly hook up a sump system, closed loop or refugium.

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