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Filter Media & Parts

Aqua Clear Filter Media & Parts

Hagen has produced the Aquaclear line of filtering products for almost two decades. The simple design provides outstanding reliability that is hard to surpass.

The filter uses 3 primary types of cartridge: carbon, ammonia remover, and foam to provide all levels of chemical and mechanical filtration needed. Aquaclear filters are excellent for quarantine tanks and freshwater/marine fish only aquariums or wherever a hang on power filter is applicable.

Remember: a filter is only ever as good as its cartridges, replace them often!

Fluval Canister Filter Media & Parts

The Fluval canister filter system employs multi stage filtration in the most efficient Hagen canister filter design to date.

The large pre-filter sponges and ample sized media bags (carbon etc.) provide unrestricted water flow and maximum filtering power. When it comes time to replace them, you will find them here.

Many different types of media are available and of them will help you keep the clearest, odor free water possible.

Marineland Canister Filter Media & Parts

The newly designed C series canisters employ quality filter media to ensure optimal water quality. When employed inside the Marineland canister, the media in this section provide water filtration with virtually no bypass.

The three stages of filtration: biological, chemical & mechanical are provided by the ceramic rings, activated carbon and polishing pads respectively. With the easy access trays incorporated in to the C-Series, changing out this media is a snap!

Millennium Hang-On Filter Media & Parts

The Millenium Hang-On filter separates the biological filtration from the mechanical/chemical all-in-one filter cartridge. This division allows the bacteria in the power filter to continue, undisturbed, while the cartridge is being replaced.

The all-in-one cartridge provides for quick filter replacement - no hassle with bulk carbon. Cartridges are available in singles or the economical 4 pack, providing the much needed replacements at minimal cost per cartridge.

Penguin & Eclipse Filter Media & Parts

The Penguin filter is perhaps the best hang on power filter available. In the same line, the Eclipse aquarium system integrates the core design of the Penguin in to a versatile aquarium canopy.

Both fantastic filters utilize an all-in-one carbon & polyester pad combination cartridge. This quick-change cartridge complements the patented bio-wheel, and is able to be changed without disrupting the life supporting bacteria within the filter.

Cartridges are available in single and economical 3 packs.