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Aquarium Chillers

JBJ Arctica Aquarium Chiller

Artica Aquarium chillers are used to chill the aquarium water to an appropriate temperature for the tank's inhabitants mainly your fish and corals in maring and saltwater setups. With the high intensity lighting such as HQI and the power compact bulbs used to keep corals alive along with the use numerous power heads to create wave motion inside of today's aquarium, a great amount of heat is transferred to the aquarium water. Chillers remove that heat with the use of refrigerant, similar to a refrigerator.

JBJ Nano & Mini Arctica Titanium Installation Kit

This chiller installation kit is designed specifically for connecting a pump in a JBJ Nano Cube Aquarium to a JBJ 1/15HP Mini-Arctica Aquarium Chiller.

  • 2X 1/2" 6 ft flexible tubing
  • 1X S-Tube Outlet
  • 1X U-Tube Inlet