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New Life Spectrum Fish Foods

It is interesting to ponder that technology can benefit something as straight forward as fish feed. New Life Spectrum has put to work all kinds of technological advancement to ensure their food offerings are cutting edge.

From their innovative therapeutic pellet through the size-specific formulas, there is something in their product line to help bolster the health of your captive specimens.

Unlike some other products on the market, New Life has chosen to avoid the use of unnatural hormones - instead selecting natural ingredients that will enhance the full spectrum of color in your animals.

  • Hormone free color enhancing 3mm sinking pellets
  • Quality, easily digestible krill and herring protein.
  • Balanced daily diet for small freshwater and marine fish.
  • Enhances the full spectrum of your fish's color.
  • Main ingredients include: Krill, herring, wheat flour, algae meal, soybean isolate, fish oil, beta carotene, and spirulina.

Ocean Nutrition Flake & Pellet Foods

Ocean Nutrition is the proud manufacturer of Formula fish foods. Whether it is a special need you have or a general food you require, there is a type of food for you in the Formula line. Prime Reef, Formula 1 (protein), Formula 2 (algae) are available in both flake and pellet depending on your preference.

Plenty of research goes in to ensuring that these foods have the right mix of "stuff", as it is also used in aquaculture the world over.

Argent Cyclop-eeze Flakes

Cyclop-eeze are a selectively bred, biologically engineered microorganism which are cultured in a pristine arctic lake. The Cyclop-eeze are a decapod (10 legged) microscopic crustacean that are instantly characterized by their intense "blood orange" coloration. In fact, the Cyclop-eeze contain the highest known concentration of the fundamental and critical biological pigment Astaxanthene, accounting for their striking coloration.

Complimenting this incredible pigmentation are previously unknown levels of the Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (HUFA's) especially those of the famed omega-3 family. These highest levels of omega-3 HUFA's are essential for larval aquaculture applications and typically exceed forty times (40 X) those obtained from hatching the highest quality Artemia eggs.

Cyclop-eeze are voraciously consumed by all animals because they are very rich in the attractant Betaine as well as other palatability factors. Experimental test results at leading academic institutions indicate that the Cyclop-eeze are highly stimulatory to the immune systems of most aquatic animals thus leading to greatly improved survival. Significant improvement in growth rates [an exceptional "Feed Conversion Ratio" (FCR)] indicates that Cyclop-eeze contain exceptional benefits, which meet and exceed traditional feedings of Artemia nauplii and inert, formulated diets.

Hikari Bio-Pure Frozen Fish Foods

Hikari "the originator" of premium aquatic diets has been copied by many, but equaled by few. All of their products are processed using 3 step sterilization to ensure they are free of harmful bacteria and parasites.

By utilizing bioencapsulation Hikari is able to infuse essential vitamins in to the animal - not around it - to ensure they pass to your precious animals. The types of food commonly sought after are bloodworm cube and Mysis shrimp preparations.

Their frozen food sheets and cubes have come to represent the standard by which other offerings are measured.

Automatic Feeder

Nutrafin Pro-Feed Plus Automatic Feeder

  • 14 gram reservoir
  • everyday fish feeder
  • battery powered, feeds even during power outages
  • dispenses flakes, pellets, or freeze dried treats up to 2 times a day
  • dispenser opening is oriented upwards to reduce moisture intake
  • button activation for manual operation