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Aquarium Filtrations

Wet Dry Filters

Model Number Dimension
(L x W x H)
Bio Balls (gallons) Sump Capacity (gallons) Usage
WD-75CS 18" x 10" x 16" 2.8 14 10 to 75g tank
WD-100CS 18" x 12" x 16" 3.3 17 75 to 100g tank
WD-125CS 24" x 12" x 16" 4.6 20 100 to 125g tank
WD-150CS 24" x 12" x 16" 4.6 20 125 to 150g tank
WD-200CS 30" x 12" x 16" 6 25 150 to 200g tank
WD-300CS 36" x 14" x 16" 10 35 200 to 300g tank

Reef Sumps

Model Number Dimension
(L x W x H)
Sump Capacity (gallons) Usage
RS-75 18" x 10" x 16" 10 10 to 75g tank
RS-100 24" x 12" x 16" 20 100 to 125g tank
RS-200 30" x 12" x 16" 25 150 to 200g tank
RS-300 36" x 14" x 16" 35 225 to 300g tank



Model Number Dimension (L x W x H) Sump Capacity (gallons) Usage/Intake
R-100 24" x 12" x 16" 20 75-125g tank, single
R-200 30" x 12" x 16" 30 125-225g tank, dual
R-300 36" x 14" x 16" 35 225-300g tank, dual

Overflow Boxes

Model Number Dimension (L x W x H) Usage
PF-300 6" x 3.25" x 10" up to 75g tank
PF-800 8" x 3.25" x 10" up to 100g tank
PF-1000 8" x 3.25" x 10" up to 150g tank
PF-1200 10" x 3.25" x 10" up to 300g tank

JEBO Canister Filters


Exceptional value perfect ecological external canister filter. Suitable for Marine and Fresh water with superstrong filtration capacity. Suitable for tanks 3 feet and above, this filter pump is rated at 315 gal/hr (1,200 lph)

The JEBO canister filter system uses a multi-stage approach to filtration, separating a number of distinct filter materials into easy access baskets. The wide variety of filter materials provide waste-free water, strong biological purification and active control of water characteristics. By combining wide media choice with ease of access, the aquarist can customize filtration style to the aquarium's actual need. Media included.

With the turnaround valves of safety design, water flow can be controlled delicately as desired. The connecting tube ends are threaded to prevent the rubber pipes from loosening. Press the round circular button, water from the tank will flow into the filter, the air will then be squeezed out and go to the other end of the outlet tube. The filter media is designed in simple modules for easy replacement and cleaning. 


Marineland Canister Filters

New to the scene but built to please - the Marineland C series canister filter brings you silent power. Among other features, the "no bypass" design ensures near 100% filtration with each pass.

All water will be returned to your aquarium clean, crisp and fish healthy. This excellent feature is often overlooked by other manufacturers. Getting it to a sink is also very easy with the convenient carrying handle. No more spilled water and wet shirts!

Fluval Canister Filters

Hagen's Fluval line of filters has been providing quality filtration for years. Both formats of filter are available, canister or in-tank quick filter (plus series).

Canister filters are fantastic for larger sized fish only systems, while quick filters are perfect for smaller tanks, water preparation vessels or just to polish! We have used Fluval products in our retail store for years!

Eheim Canister Filters

The undisputed king of the canister filter world. The Eheim filter has been available on the market for years and is made of high quality German construction. Those of you looking for the quietest canister with uncompromised attention to detail should look no further.

Try a new Ecco filter on your smaller aquarium or go for the larger wet dry (an industry first) on your big tank.

Aqua Clear Hang-On Filters

Another one of the longest running filter products on the market today. Hagen has made very little modification to these filters over time because none has been needed.

As one of the most reliable hang on filters available, they are perfect for quarantine tanks or temporarily running some chemical media on the main display.

Quite a few models to choose from helps make finding the right one for your tank a snap!

Penguin Hang-On Filters

The Penguin power filter employs a rotating wheel (most models) that is designed to harbor large populations of bacteria. The alternating exposure to air and water allows bacteria to take advantage of extra oxygen.

Many hang-on filters are limited by the amount of biological filtration that they can provide and this allows the Penguin to outperform many others. These filters are excellent for quarantine tanks and smaller fish only displays.

Pentair Aquatics Filters

Pentair Aquatics has been a dominant force in the pool and spa industry for many years, and thankfully they have brought their expertise to the aquarium industry.

Their mechanical and chemical filters add enormous biological capacity to your aquarium system. Fish getting too large for your biological filter?

Plan on having a extra large fish load? Try a hang on fluidized bed to make up the difference.